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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet Polar Adhesion for Automotive Exterior pdf / 0,70 MB
Fact Sheet TPE for ABS and PC Adhesion pdf / 0,25 MB
Fact Sheet Supersoft TPE pdf / 0,47 MB
Fact Sheet | THERMOLAST® M TPE for respiratory applications pdf / 0,48 MB
Fact Sheet | THERMOLAST® M TPE for medical applications and pharmaceutical packaging pdf / 0,49 MB
Fact Sheet | THERMOLAST® M TPE for Droppers for Pharma Packaging pdf / 0,47 MB
Fact Sheet Automotive Exterior Applications with Highest Post-Industrial Recycled Content pdf / 0,76 MB
Fact Sheet - UV and Weathering Resistant TPE with Adhesion to Polyamides pdf / 0,32 MB
Fact Sheet | THERMOLAST® M THERMOLAST® M with Polyamid Adhesion pdf / 0,56 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE for industry applications Seals, wall ducts, handles and overmoldings: Lightweight TPE by KRAIBURG TPE is a lightweight material solution with excellent compression set and adhesion to polyamides or polyolefins. pdf / 0,79 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE Materials for consumer goods Personal protective equipment, seals, design and functional elements: Lightweight TPE from KRAIBURG TPE facilitates a colorful range of everyday applications, has low warpage as well as reduced shrinkage, and can be processed with common injection molding and extrusion units. pdf / 0,72 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE for automotive applications Door sealing systems, cowl sealings, window encapsulations, , anti-rattle-seals and roof rail mats: Lightweight TPE from KRAIBURG TPE has been carefully tested for UV and weather resistance and is ideal for outdoor applications, among others. pdf / 1,15 MB
Fact Sheet | THERMOLAST® H Asia Pacific region only HC/AP Series TPE for Asia Pacific's Healthcare and Medical Device Applications pdf / 0,64 MB
Fact Sheet | THERMOLAST® H Asia Pacific region only HC/RS/AP Series for medical resealing applications pdf / 2,00 MB
Fact Sheet Electrically Conductive TPE Materials pdf / 0,43 MB
Fact Sheet Lower Density, Higher Flowing Automotive Interior TPE to replace TPV pdf / 0,55 MB
Fact Sheet Food Contact TPE Food Contact TPE - The FC/AD/PP series is your material solution for everyday consumer applications. pdf / 1,27 MB
Fact Sheet Drinking Water TPE Drinking Water TPE with NSF/ANSI 61 Compliance : TF80NG-NTRL pdf / 1,19 MB
Fact Sheet Universal PCR TPE Compounds with Post Consumer Recycled Content pdf / 0,62 MB

Market Information

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Automotive - Brochure SOLUTIONS THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE pdf / 5,37 MB
Consumer - Brochure UNIQUELY VERSATILE pdf / 5,37 MB
Medical - Brochure SAFETY THAT’S CERTAIN TO IMPRESS pdf / 4,97 MB
Industry - Brochure SPECIAL QUALITIES ARE OUR STANDARD pdf / 5,41 MB

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Company Information

Company Brochure Discover KRAIBURG TPE pdf / 3,18 MB
Combined Report Location Germany | English | 2021 pdf / 2,45 MB
CARING YOU & ME pdf / 2,60 MB
Environment protection work safety report Location Malaysia | 2021 pdf / 0,88 MB
Environmental protection and work safety report Location Buford | 2021 pdf / 1,44 MB
Carbon Footprint Location Waldkraiburg pdf / 2,16 MB
Business Conduct Policy - Compliance Rules pdf / 1,05 MB
Code of Conduct pdf / 0,29 MB
Policy of quality, environmental protection, industrial safety and energy conservation pdf / 0,12 MB
Ausbildung pdf / 7,98 MB

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Fremdfirmenerklärung pdf / 1,31 MB

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