Engine compartments are increasingly more complex. TPEs by KRAIBURG TPE offer an economical option. Our compounds that have been specially developed for the automotive industry can be cost-effectively processed in multi-component injection molding. They exhibit optimal long-term stability when exposed to high temperatures and when in contact with motor oils and greases.

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Application areas



  • Mounting elements
  • Air duct components, ventilation flap controls
  • Grommets
  • Timing belt covers
  • E-box gaskets
  • Tank recesses
  • Vibration control elements in the transmission
  • Sealings in oil management
  • Battery seals



Properties of these special TPEs are:


  • High temperature resistance  
  • Excellent deformation recovery
  • Chemical stability to substances such as oils, greases, AdBlue® and fuels
  • Adhesion – e.g., to PA, PP, POM, PBT
  • No contamination of AdBlue® by TPE

OEM approvals include:


  • DBL 5562 (Daimler)
  • GS 93042 (BMW)
  • WSS-M2D516 (Ford)
  • MS-DC-242 (FCA)
  • GMW15702 (GM)
  • VW 50123 (VW)

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