Thermally Conductive TPE

Solution for applications with thermal management requirements 

Thermally Conductive TPEs are your solution for applications with thermal management requirements in the molded part. The future-oriented compounds are characterized by good thermal conductivity and adhere to thermoplastics such as PP or PA.

Possible applications range from e-mobility scenarios to LED lighting and power tools - and far beyond.

  • Combining opposites smartly: Benefit from intelligent thermal management in the form of thermally conductive plastics paired with electrical insulation.
  • Leaner solutions and design freedom in combination await you at the finish line. 
  • TPEs offer high process reliability in injection molding.
  • The vision: to forge a new path together, because combining injection molding with PP or PA adhesion and thermal conductivity is new to the KRAIBURG TPE portfolio.


We are looking for innovative partners to form development alliances around the topic of Thermally Conductive TPE. Together with you, we would like to drive forward solution ideas and exploit new opportunities. Do you have concrete projects and precise requirements in mind?

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  • TPE materials with good thermal conductivity with electrical insulation 
  • Different thermal conductivities available 
    • " Thermal conductivity ~ 1 W/(m*K) 
    • " Thermal conductivity ~ 3 W/(m*K) 
  • Adhesion to polyolefins or polyamides in two-component injection molding possible 
  • Thermoplastic processability 
  • Available in natural colors, coloring possible after consultation to meet individual requirements
  • Dry, uniform surfaces 
  • Valuable feel due to high density 
  • "Cool" feel to the touch 
  • Free of PVC and silicones
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Karin Maier | KRAIBURG TPE Head of Sales Industry EMEA

Product developers and plastics processors benefit from thermally conductive plastics with electrical insulation. Thus, they offer added value for automotive manufacturers, especially OEMs focusing on e-mobility as well as manufacturers of batteries.

But industry also gains from these solutions: producers of power tools, LED lighting, charging stations and plugs, manufacturers of e-bike peripherals and accessories, and electrics & electronics all benefit from sophisticated thermal management in electronics.

Karin Maier | KRAIBURG TPE Head of Sales Industry EMEA


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